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While we all have our various reasoning behind investing our hard-earned money, we can all agree that being an investor is much like being a farmer: we live for and love planting seeds to watch them grow into a profitable harvest that we may then live off of. Now ask yourself, does the farmer dig up his seed and move it somewhere else because it didn’t grow right away? No, he remains patient because he knows what will come and in the end it all pays off, so once you know you found the right stock plant your seed with confidence, don’t panic sell like others and soon you will be a profitable trader unlike the others. 

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Everyone has different dreams and different desires but they all require a vision to achieve, a starting point, and effort. We are all fully capable of grasping what it is that we want, though it may take some time and plenty of patience with much trial and error along the way. You will soon notice your progress in reaching such heights, however, as those heights are where you are destined to be.     -SLI

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